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Use meaningful, specific subject titles Bad Example: URGENT HELP NEEDED - Galaxy S Problem! Good Example: Samsung Galaxy S keeps restarting itself randomly. How can I stop this? Include the important information in the title One should be able to read the whole context of the question just by reading the title1 Be precise and informative about your ...


Software Recommendations This is one of our newer sister-sites, dedicated to software recommendations (aka "Is there an app for X?"). Please read the linked article before posting there to not have your question closed straight away, as it needs to meet certain criteria to be accepted.


Unfortunately, spam slips onto just about every site on the Internet, and Android.SE is not an exception. This post is intended to provide a brief guide on dealing with obvious spam and advertising on the site. The Stack Exchange system has specific measures in place to help deal with spam. One of the most important of these is the spam flag. If you find a ...


There are two ways to generally ask questions of this nature. The Good and the Bad. How NOT TO ASK questions that may require an app recommendation: "What is the best {category} app?" "List of apps that do {some function}" or, closely related: "Is there something that does {some function}" "What is an alternative to {some app}?" These questions are ...


Deletion Besides many other features the moderator tools focus heavily on deletion/undeletion management. One action you can take is to review the closed questions for possible deletion candidates. But make sure that you don't vote to delete a question that is closed as duplicate. Furthermore, use your common sense if a question should really be deleted: ...


Hardware Recommendations Similar to Software Recommendations, but for hardware. Please note that they expect questions to be specific and clear — you should read their FAQ and other guidance before posting.


GSM Arena Android news, Android tech blog, device reviews, device tech specs and pictures, device estimated prices, device comparison, device rankings, device search based on user requested features, rumored devices.


Android Police Android news, app reviews, firmware updates, sharing tips, tricks, tutorials, videos and podcasts, device reviews, info about custom ROMs and hacks.


Please omit the device and Android version tag if you are sure that the question is not specific to a particular device or Android version. I am aware of Matthews answer, and I agree that those tags shouldn't be used if the question isn't specific to the tag. But it's difficult to tell if a problem is really device/version specific. It's hard to tell for ...


Tags should describe the content of the question. They should cover the specific problem area to be addressed. Having a problem with a particular app? Use the tag for that app. (Examples: google-plus, whatsapp-messenger.) Having a problem with a particular function? Use the appropriate tag(s). (Examples: gps, bluetooth-tethering, mobile-data.) Tags should ...


Unix & Linux Another Stack Exchange site specific to Linux and Unix. They do say that most question about Android are off-topic (because they belong either at StackOverflow, or Here) but if the questions actually relate to the "*nix" part of Android, they are on-topic. I have also seen quite a few "compiling android" questions there ...


If the question is somewhat related to programming, such as building, developing, and debugging Android Apps, you should use Stack Overflow. However, when the question is related to the Android Device, such as Hardware-related or software-related issues, using adb, and others, then you should post / ask the question on Android Enthusiasts.


Android Authority You can ask question on the Q&A page Other Features: Forum, Security, Development, Reviews, News, Interviews, Debates, Opinions etc


PhoneRocket Not a discussion forum per se, the site offers comparisons of different smartphones. The site scores smartphones based on aggregated reviews, benchmarks, and specs. PhoneRocket also offers some common phone comparisons (Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One, for example), and the ability to pit any two phones against each other.


Android tag on Quora You can ask anything Android related here. Unlike SE sites, subjective questions are welcomed here. Though you'll most likely get opinions, not solutions there.


AndroidPIT News Blog, Forums (including device-specific and developer areas), App-Reviews, it even has its own App Center where reviews are linked to the apps, and more. Development: EN | DE Hardware search/shopping recommendations: EN | DE phone tariffs/data plans of different providers: DE

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