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Some of the wrong ones were from longtime users who ought to know by now what the different flags mean. I'm (definitely) not a long-time user, but I feel that the current explanations are slightly (just slightly; no more no less) mismatched with the actual descriptions: The Very Low Quality Flag is officially defined for (reworded for your reading ...


Based on the screenshot, it looks like you're using the "collapsed" view of your profile here at the moment. There should be a link next to your name that says more info. Click on that to expand it, which will reveal additional profile information (including your flag count).


When and how are flagged questions and answers checked in relations to edits? Depends on what kind of flag – and then how active the "workers" on the corresponding queue are. You wrote you flagged a question off-topic: if that was done via "vote-to-close" it ends up in the "community review queue", waiting for 4 more community members to agree – or disagree....


That's some really thorough investigation, and it's good to see that you've put this much thought into the flags, even if they were declined in this case. I didn't see the flags when you raised them, but I agree with the reasoning that Izzy presented. The answers this user posted are genuinely helpful and relevant to the questions. The answers are nearly ...


Click your avatar in the top bar to visit your profile page. If it says "more info" at the top, next to your username, click that. Where it says "helpful flags" and then a number, click on the number. On that page, you can see your flagging history, including the status/response of each flag (whether it's still awaiting review, or was judged to be helpful or ...


I was the one who declined the flag, and eldarerathis's explanation is spot-on. I was having a clear-out of old flags - mostly, ones which we've all looked at but nobody was especially keen to delete. Without the context of the other answer, it just looks like a one-line answer that's low-quality but not very low quality. I suspect if this answer had been ...

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