There are four "hey, that worked for me! thanks!" answers from unregistered users.


I think I've figured it out, but I'd like some confirmation from Team Stack Overflow if possible. Of the five deleted answers: one is from a fairly high-reputation user one is from a user who got the association bonus and so has 101 reputation points one is from a destroyed user account leaving two from low-reputation (10 or less) users So that would seem ...


The +100 rep association bonus is not counted in the protection algorithm. The post notice states (emphasis added): To answer it, you must have earned at least 10 reputation on this site. and the "on this site" part is actually quite literal, though not entirely clear. Therefore, looking at your rep history, you've got +100 for the association bonus and +...


This is by design. A protected question can only be unprotected by the original user who protected it, or a moderator.


Though the system does this automatically after a certain amount of deleted answers (IIRC it was 5, but yours currently only has 3), I've protected it now on your request.


Done. Please go ahead and post your comment as an answer now. Thank you for asking here instead of taking the easy option by not posting an answer at all. If you're interested, this particular question was protected because of a flood of "I have the same problem" answers from new visitors.


Here is deepika's answer, reformatted and ready to be converted into either a community wiki answer or a normal answer to this protected question. I tried this and now it's working perfectly. Turn on your Mobile Data. Select Settings -> SIM Management -> Turn on Data Roaming (or) on the notification slide (while sliding from the top) select APN Switch ...

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