Thanks for the heads-up, galaxy-note-5 has been renamed and synonymized to samsung-galaxy-note-5. Master tag 'samsung-galaxy-note-5' doesn't exist, renaming to 'galaxy-note-5' rename result: 1 rows affected tag remapping of [samsung-galaxy-note-5] and [galaxy-note-5] complete! Tag Synonym galaxy-note-5 -> samsung-galaxy-note-5 was approved! Currently, ...


I've added the samsung-galaxy-s-10 tag for you. Be welcome to edit its tag wiki and excerpt to make it more useful!


In 2012, there was only Google Drive app for editing Documents, Slides, and Presentations. On June 2014, Google released standalone editor apps for each file: Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. (Ref: Google Drive Blog) Mobile apps for Docs, Sheets and now Slides We recently launched mobile apps for Docs and Sheets that allow you to ...

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