Multi-line comments aren't available, precisely to discourage the kind of comments you're trying to write. Comments on this site are only temporary. You can use them to ask the author of a post to clarify something, or to explain how they can improve their post. (This includes pointing out a completely wrong answer and explaining why it's wrong.) If someone ...


First, we apologize for the embarrassingly long time that it took for an official reply to this. We do, in fact, make a point of reviewing feature requests on all sites weekly and escalating ones that we think are good ideas and easily implemented to the developers. Please don't think your request fell on deaf ears. While this looks like it would be ...


This is a visual issue effecting an unsupported browser (12.17 was released in April 2014, over a year ago - only to fix the heartbleed issue, so the actual rendering engine has not been updated for longer than that). As such, we will not be fixing it - we need to dedicate our time to items of high impact. This issue effects a very small number of users who ...


I respect that you want help others with re-opening your question. However our FAQ states that "shopping recommendations" are off-topic on Android Enthusiasts. In fact all type of recommendations do not fit your Q/A format. A better approach would be something like the already existing question "Where can I find a comparison of Android devices?". The ...


We had similar questions like this one on meta before. We already have such a development tag, but it's not really successful in preventing from dev questions pooping up. Liam's idea seems sophisticated but is also complex and not easy to implement. (Also note that it's already possible to blacklist tags). But all in all I think the "vote close review ...


As of http://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/25/conversation/sdcard-tag it seems that a generic sdcard is usefull. So we won't merge these two.


I say no. "Unknown sources" is (should be) about the setting. "Sideloading" is (should be) about the act of installing an app outside of the context of the Market/Play Store/etc. They are related, sure, but I don't think they're the same.


All I can see this doing is having people not use the tags they're not allowed to use. Heck, most programming questions get tagged with applications (which has its own sort of issues), not development.

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