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I think android-10 is appropriate with android-q as the synonym. This is also according to what Google uses on its blog. Android Q is Android 10 About the past Android versions, for naming consistency, I'm thinking of renaming them to android-version.number-codename, e.g. android-9-pie because it's also what Google uses on their introduction page: ...


Seeing the upvotes to mean concurrence, I have created tag edxposed and re-tagged the questions


In 2012, there was only Google Drive app for editing Documents, Slides, and Presentations. On June 2014, Google released standalone editor apps for each file: Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. (Ref: Google Drive Blog) Mobile apps for Docs, Sheets and now Slides We recently launched mobile apps for Docs and Sheets that allow you to create and ...

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