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From what I've seen this site gets more than its fair share of drive-by readers. So, without even a modicum of reputation points they're not doing any voting. I've not been as active as I would like (for other reasons) but when I am active I try to use up my votes every day. There's often not enough things to vote on, though.


This is a visual issue effecting an unsupported browser (12.17 was released in April 2014, over a year ago - only to fix the heartbleed issue, so the actual rendering engine has not been updated for longer than that). As such, we will not be fixing it - we need to dedicate our time to items of high impact. This issue effects a very small number of users who ...


It looks like the votes tab only shows details for votes to questions and answers still in existance. That is, deleted questions/answers are removed from the votes tab and also change the tally on that page. However, the Stack Exchange database still keeps track of your votes on deleted items and counts that toward the total votes needed for a badge. It ...


I suggest the following procedure: Search with a suitable query for closed how to root questions. Example. Nominate the question for reopening If the question is reopend, add it to the canonical question's cw answer and make sure that the question is tagged with the correct device tag.

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