I have a tendency to explode at low level abuse such as:

  • downvoting when regular expression solutions are provided to extract information from HTML and XML
  • American date formats - the most ridiculous format in the world MM-DD-YYYY going from medium units to small units to large units - seriously if you're too patriotic not to be disgusted by this insanity then you're thick as bricks and I have no time for you

Unfortunately this gets me the odd suspension - in spite of the fact I like to genuinely help people who can use it. As a result you'll probably rarely see me contribute on the site anymore as I feel the moderators encourage abusive downvoting and penalise those of us who, frankly, have had enough.

I was close to rage-quitting but:

  • It takes a long time to delete 136 quest.. oh I could just write a PhantomJS script to take care of that.., but more importantly
  • I've asked good questions, or given good answers in the past - and it would be a shame for such useful contributions to be lost from the Internet

So in spite of my distaste for some of the behaviours that take place on this site - I'll let things stay... for now. Having some moderator suspend you because he takes offence at a post you self-moderated (deleted) is, truthfully, abusive - and some of the moderators require suspensions.

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