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I am an amateur of mathematics and dislike proofs looking like from bad manual made in PRL and sects.

I associate some people with this short film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhnIqgTEBS8 , and feel compassion for them.

Request to math.stackechange.com:

Voting -1 should be impossible without substantiate it in comment , because there is resolved ,if an answer is useful or not useful and in fact , INTRODUCED, a new THEOREM by overthrowing the old one, what should be associated with a suitable proof.Idea of secret voting here, smacks like medieval ages and is against the idea of open discussion which is a part of any shared research. Besides there is unacceptable 2 - hands voting, and it should be eliminated , but in my opinion it isn't, there are really ordinary answers which has support strongly disproportionate to its real value, compare scientific value of:

Proving Abel-Dirichlet's test for convergence of improper integrals using Integration by parts

and this:

How can adding an infinite number of rationals yield an irrational number?

, what is chatty, bit trolling (Mariano Suárez-Alvarez is tending here to ridicule the question) and is not solution if somebody is looking for an answer how to prove that $\pi$ is not rational number.
If "-1 - comment" is reported by other user, then could exist possibility of canceling it if it is NOT constructive, etc. S.c "hating" can cause that good answers are considered as wrong ones. Here are examples of hating good answers:

Does $\lim \sup x_{n+1}-x_n=+\infty \implies \lim \dfrac{n}{x_n}=0$

If $\mathcal{P}(A)=\mathcal{P}(B)$, then $A=B$?

Hating of my answers is more problem of math.stackexchange.com than mine.It is not against my reputation.

Note: If you are malicious bad will person who meets the criterion of this what is called by some people "being fucked up" find another object of interest. I don't take a part in such a "figo-fago".

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