I'm a full stack developer

  • Web languages
    • HTML5 , CSS3 , ES6
  • Javascript platforms
    • ReactJS, Typescript, AngularJS, ES6
  • NodeJS
    • Webpack, Babel, MongoDB
  • Other
    • Arduino, Embedded platforms, IOT
    • Batch files, CMD , Powershell, Autohotkey
    • Bash, Automation
  • Stuff I want to learn (or learn better)
    • Python, Java, C++, GoLang, Ruby, SQL

What do I use?

  • Text editor: Visual Studio code
  • Browser: Chrome Canary (occasionally Firefox Quantum)
  • Icon editor: IcoFX
  • NodeJS package manager: YarnPKG

Project's I've worked on

  • Injectify, perform advanced MiTM attacks on websites with ease.
  • MirumX, open source batch-file engine.
  • WidgetBot, Discord HTML embeds for your website.
  • DiscordZero, receive Discord SMS notifications anywhere in the world for free

Find my latest projects over at my portfolio