Duane Dibbley

The Universe is a menger sponge, and its exact centre is where I live. I was born on e+iπ µs before the Big Bang. And yes, Androids do dream of electric sheep...

I'm a hobbyist photographer and a great lover of most things artistic and related to science, and combining the two, for example math art, to me is the highest form of beauty.

I have been on sick leave since 2010 due to bipolar disorder. I was introduced to Blender 2.68 or 2.69 by a close friend, when I had to sell my photo equipment, and needed something else to do with my time.

I first came to Blender.SE a few years ago, 2014 I think, to find help with a specific problem I had, and I found that it had already been asked and answered. I continued to visit more or less regularly, but I didn't register until mid 2016. After registering, I was inactive for a few months, but visited every day. Once I started participating more actively, I've given more answers than I've asked questions.

The questions I enjoy answering the most, are the ones where I need to do some research or combine knowledge I do have in ways previously unknown to me, thus extending my own knowledge as well. Unfortunately, most of those are already answered by the time I have an answer.

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