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Oh, like all people, some native speakers are nice and own up to their mistakes-"Thank you", others rough 'n' gruff and hide behind their native English proficiency. We come here to ask whenever we get some time. I know you as well as the other nice guys when you do! :)

attending vs goin' to attend & native speakers' struggle!

Unlike other modifiers, absolute phrases do not modify a particular word in a sentence; rather, they modify the entire sentence--setting the scene or background overall, so to speak

Old quotes and notes: - Perfective vs. perfect

  • "As a British person I always find it amusing when Americans don't understand my plain English accent when I can understand them perfectly. It is all about familiarity. – JamesRyan Feb 17 at 11:14

Native speakers hear what they expect to hear, not necessarily what was actually spoken! Rapid speech pronunciation of call a whopper

Prepositions of place, time and English Prepositions List pdf book

"Strictly speaking, the modals are not tensed" CalifJim

Poll: Native speakers hardly use the word "benefit"! M'lord,Limerick

duh, you don't say

-What are they looking for when they google?

-"What don't you want me to know?"

-"It's not a matter of grammar, it's a matter of etiquette." BarbaraPA

-Present Perfect + after + Past Simple Strike (was/has been) called off AFTER the union accepted

-I hadn't thought of that -untill now

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