I'm considering buying a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, with the main use as a portable "table phone". It has GSM phone functionality built-in, but not enabled out of the box. I'm very distrustful of devices where you need to activate such a key functionality using third party software - it makes me suspect it is not going to work 100% reliably.

Is asking about whether GSM telephony is feasible on the 8.9 tab, and what peoples' real-world experiences are with it, on-topic on Android.SE? It's kinda related to Android, but I thought I'd check first.


Asking about feasibility and how-to is fine. Asking for experiences is polling, though, which falls under Not Constructive. We generally close such questions. Slipping it in as "How well does it work as a phone?" should be OK, though.

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    Cool, I'll try that. Thanks!
    – Pekka
    Oct 16 '11 at 16:19

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