When i want Edit one Post, This Error Displayed :

You are temporarily banned from suggesting edits

So, What can i do for Unban || Day Or time limit for Unban ?


Accounts are temporarily blocked from suggesting edits if too many of their suggested edits are rejected by reviewers. The block lasts for 7 days, and the error message used to tell you how many days were left, but I do not know if it still does.

In any case, your account will be allowed to suggest edits once again in 5 more days. In the meantime, I would recommend that you take a look at some of your recent edits and note the reasons given for the ones that were rejected.

As specific guidance, the problematic edits that I see appear to:

  • Add only bold/italics/other formatting to the post without attempting to fix much else. In some cases, this formatting appeared over-used as well, in my opinion. Examples would include using code formatting to emphasize keywords. That's not really its intended use, and inline formatting is generally best used sparingly.
  • Add sign-offs like "Thanks in advance!" that were not previously present in the post. This is actually the opposite of our general posting guidelines, and is typically regarded as unnecessary or "noisy". Such taglines are frequently subject to removal from posts during a larger edit, in fact.

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