I am new to this site. Can I ask questions specific to a given malware in Android here?

For example,

  1. How did so and so malware infect my phone?
  2. What steps should I take to protect my phone/to remove the malware?
  3. Because of so and so, the commonly given solution won't work in my case. What should I do?

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The description of Android Enthusiasts on the tour page is that Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for users of the Android operating system.

Furthermore, on the related help page it is said that:

If your question generally covers...

  • Using your Android device
  • Using a particular app on your Android device
  • Trying to solve an error or other issue in using your Android device

then this is the right place to ask.

A malware that operates on Android is surely an issue for end-users of Android. So it is welcome on Android.SE if you ask for precautions or support against.

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