I wouldn't mind seeing some good Android questions migrated from SU. $DEITY knows we have our own fair share of not-so-good questions. There have been a few migrated questions from SU recently, if memory serves, and they were mostly okay. Some things to keep in mind: Developer questions are explicitly off-topic, so don't bother. We have commonly duplicated ...


We must not become part in bringing down the quality of the flagship product of SE. A lot of development/programming questions we receive here tends either to debug the app without explaining how to recreate the scenario, or simply throws up logcat's output without even preformatting it, or other things that are at odds with SO guidelines. There are very ...


That's fine with me. I've been trolling at Super User in the android tag fairly regularly to find migration candidates. I probably won't have to do it is much any more. For what it's worth, the rejection rate for questions migrated here from Super User in the last 90 days is 11%.


How many questions of this type are we talking about? How many questions are migrated from here to SO on a daily basis? This would be a fair amount of work, and I'd need to know that it's because there are 10+ questions of this type. Often for low volume stuff, handling it manually is the best option until the volume increases. It's also a little tricky ...


Definitely not. That's a programming question, and programming questions go on Stack Overflow.


Questions which would be closed as "too localized" (back when that was a closure reason) are not necessarily a good fit for any other SE site (though there might be exceptions). But there's the "off-topic Is there an app for X", which much better fits your idea of an additional migration target. I share this with you: eventually, we should add this. But I ...


This if fine by me. Martin covers all the points I was going to say. Pass on over the good questions. :)


No question has been closed as "too localized" since the close reasons were changed some time ago. Specialized needs aren't a problem: if there's a question about a very specific problem that needs to be solved, and the answer might or might not involve an app, that's fine, and it should be left open. It'll only be closed when certain reviewers only see "is ...

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