Again I've stumbled upon two tags which seem to describe the exactly same issue:

  • (x22):

    The Android recovery system is a bootable partition on an Android device...

  • (x75):

    Android's recovery mode allows ROM flashing...

The only recognizable distinction to me is the viewpoint: file system ("partition") versus boot-mode. Does that justify separate tags? I'd say: let's merge them and make the then "empty one" a synonym to the other.

Remark: We also have for recovering lost files. So for consistency, recovery-mode should IMHO be the (main) tag (also as it already holds the majority of questions), and recovery the synonym. I vote for a synonym as otherwise it will for sure turn up as a new tag sooner or later, referring to either the partition or the files/data.


Good catch. is now a synonym of .

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