To avoid confusion, I request we rename the (x13) to data-transfer.

Explanation: We already have the (x96). I just went over the questions tagged transfer, and re-tagged a few which rather referred to file-transfer. To avoid people confusing these two tags, IMHO we should do the above mentioned tag-rename.

Optional part: for disambiguity, we could make transfer a synonym to one of the two. Some facts about background for the two tags to be considered in this case: While "file-transfer" clearly refers to "files", obviously, "data-transfer" is less clear a term. Taking a look at the questions tagged such, it refers to...

  • PIM data such as contacts (x4, plus 1 mixed)
  • messages: SMS/MMS (x4)
  • app-data (x2)
  • other data: links via bluetooth, WiFi APNs (x2)

So we could also think of creating a new tag, which would make sense, and re-tag those 4+1 questions, optionally do the same for message-transfer, and then renaming "transfer" to "data-transfer".

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    I'd personally be okay with simply renaming the tag to data-transfer and explaining in the wiki that it's for moving any kind of data between devices (contacts, app data, messages, etc) except for flat files. Then we could let that cover anything that isn't a "file transfer". – eldarerathis Mar 28 '13 at 14:27
  • Once you've done the rename, simply answer this Q and I will setup the tag wiki accordingly. Thanks! – Izzy Mar 28 '13 at 14:39

Renamed the tag to to handle anything other than file transfers. Still a broad-ish tag, but should hopefully not get confused with (at least not as much) or other things.

  • Thanks! Tag-wiki created (just needs to be app-|im-proved :) – Izzy Mar 28 '13 at 15:00

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