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Obvious duplicate with an answer - what should be done?

I asked a question about 7 months ago, and then, this question was asked - which was the exact same question, just reworded. I flagged it as duplicate and left a comment saying that reposting ...
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Question of duplicity of a question

It is possible or okay to flag a question as a duplicate if it was asked earlier, and the one asked later already has an accepted answer but the context is very similar: Consider this question: How ...
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Project Reduplication of Deduplication - Android

Stack Exchange recently started a collaboration project with the University of Melbourne, in an attempt to improve the automatic detection of duplicate questions. More information on the project and ...
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What should I do when I see a duplicate answer posted much later than the first one?

In this question, there is an answer which was posted (by me, but that doesn't matter) nearly a month ago. Today, a user posted new answer which (as far as I can see) is the exact same, just with ...
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Question is being marked as duplicate of a closed question, that in turn mentions the first one as duplicate (infinite cycle)!

Problem at hand: The question "How do you link to applications in the Android market?" is being marked as duplicate of the closed question "How to post a link to an android market app? [...
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What to do if a fitting question already exists but for a slightly different platform?

The question How do I get rid of the "Battery fully charged, unplug charger" popup screen? is very much what I would like to ask too. However, I have a Galaxy-S3 and not a Galaxy Note 2. And ...
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What to do with a controversial duplicate question: Prevent Apps from running in background?

I recently asked a question about preventing apps from running in the background. Before I asked it, I read several related questions and found that they didn't address the particular question space I ...
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Duplicate with another StackExchange site

What should we do with The question is equally on-topic for both Android and GIS Stack Exchange.
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How do I indicate that a post is a duplicate?

This post what are the disadvantages of rooting your device was migrated over from StackExchange. It's (not surprisingly) a question that has been answered before. What is the right way to indicate ...
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Duplicate question when the original question has an accepted answer that doesn't answer my question

I have a question that has already been asked and answered and that answer has been accepted, however the accepted answer doesn't answer the question. How should this be handled? My question is a ...
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How do we handle duplicate questions from the site-merge?

Now that the Android questions from gadgets.StackExchange have been merged in, we've got a lot of duplicated questions that pre-date the start of beta. Answers can be different, or come from the same ...
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