I have added the synonym gboard to google-keyboard. We can reverse the direction later if we find there is confusion.


IMHO we don't need a separate tag for that, as customization (which we already have) covers that perfectly. For ease of transition, we might consider creating personalization as synonym to this – which also had the pro guiding people looking for the right tag, but not as a separate tag. Our tags do not resemble categories in Google Playstore (one could also ...


We seem to have enough agreement, so I've gone ahead and performed the merge.


Coming late to this one, as I was just thinking about the same (and found this by a "search-before-ask"): there are actually 3 tags here going very close together. launcher seems to be the "parent", having two children home-screen is part of a launcher (no need to explain which one, as the name is self explaining) app-drawer is the second child of our ...


I believe this is a historical mistake and should have been corrected as soon as we had insufficient-memory. The original synonym proposal by ale stated: Android devices don't have "disks". As such, low-disk-space should be a synonym of internal-storage. The latter is for all issues dealing with internal storage, not just its lack. Note, that it ...

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